I am the owner of a 1978 Checker Marathon A-11, which I purchased for $1900 in the summer of 1997. Since that time, I have become emeshed in the glory and the heartache of owning this car, and since I've got to live through it somehow, I might as well do my part to make the little odds and ends I've learned about my vehicle available to the main public.

As I get a chance, I'll be compiling this into a real repository of information, but until then, please console yourself with my selection of links and photographs.


Normally, when one owns a car, one has a massive plethora of literature and documentation out there about your make of automobiles. Not so with the Checker. So if you own a Checker, or are thinking about getting one, pick up the Brooklands Book, "CHECKER ROAD TEST". There are several companies that sell this book, and if you get it, you won't be disappointed. Road tests, articles, company literature, and basically all articles of any sort that could be tracked down about the checker are in this book. Again, if you own a Checker, own this book. Period.


I have a selection of Photographs that I have collected so far, all taken by myself, of different Checkers I've run into. Some are of people associated with Checkers, and others are of odds and ends related only peripherally to Checkers, but they all have SOMETHING to do with the darn things.

My friend Luke has also collected some nice Photographs of Checkers, sorted by year. He also includes brochures and diagrams. Maybe someday he'll organize them with an index, as well. Not I should speak yet.


Walthers is selling an inexpensive resin model of a 1959 Checker Marathon (actually, some of the details are wrong) and they include a photograph of the thing.


I have found that doing an EBAY search for Taxi or Checker will get you some items for sale of a Checker Marathon nature. Of course, you also get a lot of cruft, and if you're into Checkers for the taxi culture or the Checker culture makes a big difference in your choices of items to bid on.


Maybe you're into movies which have Checkers rolling around in them. If so, then I will be compiling a list of such movies. Of course, the classic ones are Taxi Driver and Blue Collar, but there's a ton others. I'll probably stick in a quick Checker Scene list for these movies.