*I'm just here to see the cows.


Cows and the Internet. Two great tastes that have been going great together for some time. It probably won't come as any great surprise that cows and cow web pages are both plentiful and varied. In fact, I wouldn't be the bit surprised if you found the cow.net page via one of the many others out there. I was not the first cow page, and I certainly am not the last. However, very few of the other web pages have pictures of the authors IN cow suits facing off against actual cows:

A fine picture of yours truly and a cow facing off.

There are just too many sites out there for me to keep track of; a lot of them tend to use the same images anyway, and some even use some of mine. If this is something you want your site listed on, send me mail.


Last Updated March 15

Brook Gardner is a real estate salesman out in Utah, and man does he like cows! He completely kicks my butt in many ways. Check his site out for the family picture alone.

Uncle Hyggly has told me about his book "Mr. Gonopolis and his 12 Holsteins", which looks like a pretty excellent Christmas book about flying cows. And just when you thought the flying holiday cow genre was dead! Not so! Buy 10.

PJ's made a really cool site called Cow Screensavers which is packed to the udders with.... you guessed it.

Amber has six billion stolen images of cows, but she's made sure to steal a LOT of them. After a while, the pur mass of cow omages becomes a thing in itself. Here you have it.

All Hail the Omnipotent Cow is not entirely original, but he sent me mail, so it goes up here. YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!
The best part is how he just grabs the pictures directly off Cows Caught in the Web.

PLAYCOW MAGAZINE is just the sort of gentleman farmer's magazine one can curl up with after a long day. Oh, relax. Nothing particularly.. you know... that way. Just a fellow whohas made some pretty neat parody graphics about a bachelors' magazine that features cow. Consistent and well-done.


The Cow Car used to drive all over the general area of Cambridge, where I live. It was a amazing sight, and I resolved to meet the guy behind it. I did. His name is Tony Lovell.

There used to be a list of my ex-girlfriends with unpleasant reviews of them here. I decided that that was boorish, rude, and out of theme with cows. So I moved all of that over here.