There is No Better Way to Remember Your Time at this Web Page than with a Shirt.

At one time, I simply had the sarcastic/humorous words "Buy the T-Shirt" on the main web page. The idea of this was to make a reference to how any time you attempt to enjoy any experience free of commercial influence, there's an almost automatic availability of a shirt. This prompted people to write me, asking me for a shirt. I eventually put a page where you are browsing right now, explaining how I had no shirt to sell.

Well, times have changed! With the addition in the world of, there is now a way for me to sell you a Jason Scott T-Shirt, Mousepad, or Coffee Mug. This is nothing short of a miracle. While I expect none of you to do this, I am proud to make them available to you. What better way to greet the world than with my infamous 'Suck Face' on your chest.

Click on the Jason Head to enter the Jason Scott Store.