October, 2007: First direct contact with a band member is made! Richard Lewis sits down for an exclusive interview!

Look, I can't explain it. Sometimes, you just see some band, some movie, some piece of mass-media creation that, for all it's obvious shallowness and middle-of-the-road sensibility, gets you somewhere strange and you keep thinking about it and can't get away from it. In 1988, when I was looking through a box of discards at my college radio station, I picked up a big batch of records and among them was the self-titled album "MOVIELAND". The cover looked just odd enough that I grabbed it.

What I got was the first and apparently only album by an assembled group of musicians and studio people called "MOVIELAND". There were three people in the group: Davia Sacks (the female lead), Richard Lewis (Male Singer), and Lothar Segeler (The Musician).

Trying to describe this album is a problem, because it's everything that you expected a mid-1980's synthpop album to sound like, but it was just strange enough that you think something else is going on, something deeper. As I build this page, I'm sure I'll describe it better. Until then you get this page, and you can click on the links below to see more about the album and the three members of the band.

The Album Davia Sacks Richard Lewis Lothar Segeler