Vocalist and Keyboardist for Movieland. Is not credited with any music writing.

Davia has turned out to be the easiest of the Movielanders to track. She works as a songwriter, lyricist, and singer. She is married to Phil Markowitz, who is credited with a Mini Moog solo on this album. Phil was a musician with Chet Baker until 1983. In an interview he gives to a Chet Baker newsletter, he mentions Davia (1993):

"Three years ago Artt Frank began work on a biographical screenplay about 
Chet called, You Canít Go Home Again. He needed an arrangement of the 
title song written by Don Sebesky, and asked me to arrange it for a 
soundtrack demo to accompany the script. Davia Sacks, my wife who is also 
a singer, lyricist, and composer heard the music and like it so much that 
she composed the lyrics. I just sent the music, but about a year later 
Artt called saying he needed lyrics."



Was one of the "People of Argentina" in the Broadway Production of "Evita" (1979?)
Has written a musical: "A Few Miles Short of the Moon".