Each spring hundreds of technology professionals and their "underground" counterparts descend on a Detroit hotel to share their creativity and intelligence. Rubi Con calls a truce between the two sides of system security --the gatekeepers who defend systems and the "hackers" who attack them. We believe that by bringing the two sides together each can grow. And not merely the communication of technical knowledge --we believe that by bringing the two sides together each can learn who they once were, who they are, or who they will someday become.

More important, Rubi Con represents a forum for communication, community, learning, creativity, humor and fun. For the importance of electronic circuits and the data which flows through them, they are useless without the human bonds which give information meaning, which spark creativity, and which make communities.

To this end we offer, on top of nearly 100 hours of expert speakers and highly technical presentations, a weekend of friends, games, entertainment, music, parties, and intimate, technical conversation.

Rubi Con will be March 28 through 30 of 2003 in Dearborn, Michigan. See this page for more information on dates and location. We will begin listing presenters and schedules as soon as possible.

If you are interested in speaking at RC5, our booking contacts are Denis Baldwin at dbaldwin@rubi-con.org or Jim Tantalo at tantalo@rubi-con.org.

For additional information contact info@rubi-con.org.