Trouble getting around? Something doesn't look right? Consider the following:

1. I am a fucker
2. You need Java to use this site

The two items are intimately intertwined.

This site features a useless but cool Java applet for navigation, wasting time, and otherwise screwing around. A facsimile of the interface is shown above. Suffice it to say, if your browser does not display something like this, you are doing something wrong. Loading Java would be a good start.

Another good start would be running (wait for it) Internet Explorer. Yes, our friends at Microsoft have written what is to some a terrible program, but which is to others the only fucking browser on the planet that handles design specifications properly. Don't talk to ME about standards compliance. Talk to Netscape about paginating layers like God intended.

Or, if you will, use Mozilla. RijilV claims (and we can't get him to shut up about it) that it all works fine for him. We all know there are a few paranoid people out there who refuse to use Java, which is fine and why we still have the non-java interface. Just something about website design, and artistic talent.

Otherwise, click here for the non-Java version.