Entirely Too Many Pictures of Jason

Why you'd want these, I don't know, but here's lots of pictures of me. They come from all over, and I have them up so that people can come here and find useful images to explain to people who the hell I am. Not that these are going to help in the long run.

1983.jpg152146 A sad, miserable Jason sits on his mom's front stoop in Brewster, NY, plotting the easiest and most painless way out of that hell of a town. (Escape is accomplished later that year, by moving in with the father.)
501jeans.ornot.jpg132479 While repairing his car for the upcoming 1998 Checker Meet, Jason poses for a second, clad without a shirt, a situation that is obviously quite rare. Dignity is lost.
dammed.jpg160501 Bright, Chipper Jason pauses in front of Niagara Dam, Niagara Falls, Ontario.
delight.jpg50494 Giddy before 11-hour drive home, Jason takes picture of self with girlfriend. Note classy restaurant in background.
hotstuff.jpg119122 Jason has picture taken in front of Red Devil Restaurant, Etobicoke, Ontario.
snuhsket.jpg90719 Jason and his friend Jim stick themselves into the world's brightest photobooth, stick in a dollar, and get the hell surprised out of them. (They didn't know beforehand it was the World's Brightest Photo Booth).
summertime.jpg132283 At peace with world, Jason allows picture of highly reflective neck.
thedarkone.jpg226176 TinyTIM Halloween Party, Jason pauses a moment before taking his next victim.

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