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Congratulations on tracking down my Official Web Site. Buy the T-shirt. If you have no time to browse this page, just look at the Oversized Graphic Map of my entire life.

This web site was created for a couple of important reasons. First, there is no straight-laced, on-the-level narrative on the web describing me, and Second, it is meant to demonstrate how I can do an entire sub-web site in a consistent theme. This second talent is currently very sought after in the computer business, and never let it be said that I turn back to my drink when I hear the Gravy Train tooting its whistle down at the Internet Station.

In truth, I do not do web pages for hire, and I also do not consider this site to be the rock-steady, cut-and-dried travelogue of my life and current considerations. Quite the opposite; although my interest and love of this thing called the Internet is broad and encompassing of all things electronic, in truth I consider this sort of self-centered intellectual travelogue to be ineffective as a proper introduction and pathetic as a replacement for face-to-face interaction. However, I am also interested in the graphic arts and as a person who can't resist a chance at permanent disfigurement of my reputation to unknown thousands, this site has been created. I can at least rest easy knowing that it will never rate among my most dubious achievements. Furthermore, I do not actually play the pan flute.

If the concept of finding out more about me fascinates you, feel free to click on one of the following topics, and hold your head high as scads of my personal and professional life cascade down upon you.

Personal Information In which the reader learns of Jason's humble beginnings, his early and late schooling, and additionally is made more aware of both his nomadic history and his predeliction for drama;
Employment and Endeavour In which the reader learns that Jason has had only had two permanent jobs and even then only by sheer dumb luck, and yet seems in every other way to be a respectable member of society, and not in the least a despicable slacker;
Entertainment and Enchantment In which one has a slight taste, a mere glimpse into the plethora of activities that Jason has made an important part of his discretionary time, in that we may assume by knowing the leisure of the man, we truly know the man.
It should be mentioned at this time that unlike the greasy wallowings of plagarism that infest the World Wide Web at this point, all of the graphics on this site were made by Mr. Scott himself, and that at no point were any out-of-the-box, put-inline-image-A-in-slot-B HTML Editors or Add-Ons consulted or used to generate the "Source Code".

This site is constructed using a variety of tools, including a hopped-up QuickCam that has taken the author's picture from a variety of angles and, in fact, temporal locations. In laymans' terms, sometimes Jason has a beard and sometimes he does not. If he does, the image is recent vintage, and if not, the picture dates back at least several years. You have been warned, or at least clarified.

If you should seek to send mail to Mr. Scott, feel free to click on his head. If you do NOT wish to communicate with him, you may take pleasure and warmth in the legions of comrades you share this opinion with. Enjoy.

Jason would love to recieve your mail. But not pity mail.
      Anything but pity mail.
This WWW Site is © 2000 by Jason Scott, although if you steal the art he'll secretly approve.